BASD Mini-THON is a 12 hour dance marathon modeled after Penn State’s 46 hour dance marathon. Students from both Freedom and Liberty High School work together all year long to raise money and awareness for Pediatric Cancer.  All the money raised goes towards the Four Diamonds Fund, which benefits patients and families through Hershey Medical Center.  Throughout the year FHS and LHS students plan events and fundraisers in order to spread awareness and reach a fundraising goal, which is $65,000.

Our BASD Mini-THON event requires support from the community both spiritually and financially. The benefits from this event go towards local children battling pediatric cancer. There are over 28 Four Diamond Families in the Lehigh Valley. Throughout the year both Freedom and Liberty High School hold both individual and combined fundraisers such as car washes, restaurant nights, an annual color for the kids 5k run, an outdoor movie night, merchandise sales, and many more. Gaining donations on a community, in-school, and a corporate level is crucial to our success. We also have an online page , here, where monetary donations can be given.

Last year Governer Wolf Elementary School hosted the first ever BASD Mini-Mini THON right before the holidays. This event took place throughout an entire school day in grade rotations and server to spread Four Diamond and THON awareness. There were no fundraisers or any donations given prior to during this event. The school came together and played games, listened to Four Diamonds story, and were visite by Santa Claus. The children enjoyed the day as FHS/LHS students ran the entire event with supervision from the BASD Mini-THON advisors and teachers. This year, on Monday before Christmas break, BASD Mini-THON ahopes to put together 5 BASD Mini-Mini THON's. Our goal is to make BASD Mini-THON expand throughtout the entire school district. If you're school is interested in hosting a BASD Mini-THON please let us know! We will provide you with all the help and tools needed in order to make this event possible.